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Those ARE finger prints!!

Has something ever happened and you thought, either I'm going crazy or I️ KNOW I️ saw what I️ saw? Well, something happened and I️ thought I️ was going crazy! I️ was in my kids bathroom (which also serves as our guest bathroom) one day and I️ noticed a ton of little finger prints on one side of the mirror. I️ didn’t really give it much thought, I️ just grabbed the windex cleaned it and went on about my day. Well, two days later, I️ noticed the finger prints again. 🤔 So, now I️ begin to analyze the situation- I’m thinking, Alyvia (my daughter) can’t reach that high, Leo (my son) definitely can’t reach that high and I️ highly doubt Leonard (my husband) is putting his pinky finger on the mirror (because the prints were super small.) I️ continue thinking: we haven’t had any guest lately so what is going on here? I️ begin to literally stare at the prints and question myself at this point. Are these really finger prints? Am I️ going crazy? I️ mean, the only children who visit us and who could reach that high have not been here since I️ last cleaned this mirror two days ago. So, then I️ begin creating all these scenarios in my head of how Alyvia could MAYBE have done it? "Maybe she climbed on the toilet to get to the vanity? Maybe she drug her chair in the bathroom and climbed up...IDK but when would she have time to do this without me knowing?? Did I️ ACTUALLY clean the mirror two days ago or did I️ plan to and forget??" At this point, I'm puzzled, I'm confused and I️ just decide to clean the mirror for a second time this week so I️ can move on with my day.

The very next night after I️ put Leo in bed for the night, I️ was walking down the hall towards the bathroom where Alyvia and her daddy were. It was a typical night. I️ was headed to the laundry room to get the load of clothes from the dryer and I heard them singing their little song that they always sing together before she goes to bed. Here's the thing: I always HEAR them singing but I’ve never stood by and watched them. When they sing this song, I am normally getting Leo ready for bed. So I hear Leonard start the song as normal: “Whose the pettiest girl in the world? You are! You are!” Then again: “Whose the prettiest girl in the world?” And just as I️ was walking past the door I️ see Leonard holding Alyvia and she says her part “ME! ME!” while she puts her little fingers on the mirror pointing to herself!

Y’ALLL then it dawned on me! 😩😭 THIS is where the little finger prints come from! No, Alyvia can’t reach the mirror on her own but she CAN reach it when she is in her Daddy's arms. 🥰 That moment actually SEEING it in action brought on a whole different set of emotions for me because what I️ realized in that moment is how precious it is for a girl to have her Dad. Don't get me wrong, Moms are SOOO very important too but it is just something about a Father and Daughter relationship.

My daughter is being affirmed BY HER DAD! I️ pray that he will continue to affirm her, show her her worth, and teach her WHO she is as she continues to grow up. I️ pray that she will see herself the way God sees her and not the world! I️ pray over their relationship and even over our marriage that she will SEE how she is supposed to be treated. So that she will not settle for anything less than God's best for her. So, while, everyone may not agree that she is the “prettiest girl in the world” I️ pray those words will resound with her forever not in a self-centered way but in a way that will always remind her who her Daddy says she is. If she can see herself he way her Father see her, then she will certainly see herself the way THE FATHER sees her! Now, when I️ see those little finger prints on the mirror I️ smile before I️ clean them off and look forward to the next time I️ see them! 💕

"I️ will give thanks and praise to you, for I️ am fearfully and wonderfully made..."

- Psalm 139:14

Lesson: Always remember that you are beautiful (inside and out), chosen, precious and LOVED beyond measure by our Father in Heaven.


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