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Leo’s First Down! 🏈

Wow. My Leo turned ONE on September 7th and I am still shocked! First of all, that I️ even HAVE 2 little people and second of all, that I️ now have a 2 year old AND a ONE year old. 😭

Where does the time go? I️ mean, it really feels like I️ BLINKED and they grew up and the crazy part- this is JUST the beginning for me! 😭 It feels like it all happened just as fast as a real first down in football. I’m grateful to get to experience this, nonetheless.

Not only that, Leo got his first haircut, he is walking ANDDD is becoming more independent and a lot more vocal here lately! He literally calls me “Kitaaaa” sometimes. 😒😂 We’re working on that lol! (Side-note: No I’m not upset, nor do I️ take it to heart, he’s listening to what he hears others say and is learning right now. Do I️ correct him? Absolutely! But it’s also kind of funny! Kids hear and pay attention to EVERYTHING! So, be mindful of that! That’s a "whole-nother" blog post in itself! Lol!)

Anyway, Leo is a whole vibe! Lol! He’s coming into himself, learning how to get into things, climbing on EVERYTHING (WHEW, BOYS! 🤨 IYKYK) loves to give hugs, and is my bubbly baby! He is also learning to stand up for himself to his sister who is only 16 months older than him but who thinks she’s his Momma, too! 🤣 (I️ mean, y’all should see her with her little finger pointed at him telling him what to do. 🤣 …I️ wonder where she gets that from 🤔🤣 I️ told y’all kids are listening and watching!) Let's get into the Details!



Leo’s party was football themed, hence the title “Leo’s First Down.” We didn’t pick a particular team. We just went generic with it. Truth be told, I️'m really not a HUGE football fan. I️ don't hate it but I️ am also not one who HAS to watch EVERY football game and I don't have a favorite team. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I️ just like to watch a good game, from time to time. While I️ don't know too much about football my husband does! He actually played (ECU 2008-2012) and coached high school football for quite some time! I️ was glad to have his help! If you take notice below on the tables we used chalk boards with football plays drawn on them as part of our table decor. They were drawn by my husband! I️ originally drew plays based on images that I️ googled. 🥴 He insisted that HE draw all the plays because he was NOT letting us "go out like that!" 🤣 Y'all, I️ had an unequal number of players and all... don't trust google for everything! Lol!

The runners across the tables are technically "floor" runners but it went perfect for the look I️ was going for. The runners, goals, and #1 mini foam fingers were all from Party City. The cups were from Party Makers (I️ couldn't find the link, sorry) and lastly, the straws were from Walmart. They were on sale for around $2-$3 when I bought them. I️ couldn't bring myself to buy the "challenge flags" or "penalty flags" from the store. Both Party Makers and Party City sold them but they were way too easy to make and I️ didn't want to spend the money to buy something else that I️ could make and will probably only use this one time. So, I️ opted to buy yellow and red napkins to do DIY challenge and penalty flags. I️ opened each napkin and put a rock in the middle then tied it with a string. When I️ ran out of rocks, I️ didn't feel like going back outside so I️ decided to use cotton balls! 🤷🏽‍♀️ The results weren't identical but they both worked great for us! There were a ton of videos on Youtube too with different ways to make these flags!

Let's talk about all this DIY decor above though! So to keep it simple I️ chose to use the extra yellow and red napkins as actual napkins for guests since I️ already needed these color napkins for the penalty and challenge flags. Each color went into a separate bin as seen above. The yellow napkins were named "penalty flags" and the red napkins were named "challenge flags." If you look really closely you'll see a picture of a "referee" on the label, well that picture is actually my husband! 😆 Yes, I️ absolutely asked him to put on his referee shirt before the party so I️ could take a picture of him and put on this label. After 5 years of marriage, I️ would say I️ think he is used to my over-the-top-extra-ness! 🤣 It was just an added way to incorporate the football theme! The water bottle labels were my favorite! I️ purchased the black and white striped labels from Party City! They were pretty reasonably priced and easy to stick to the bottles. I️ made the green labels though! Yep, right from my phone in between being mommy, boss and wife everyday! 💪🏾 They were really simple to make. It just says "Leo's First Down" with a football on either side and a football field as the background. I️ wish I️ had taken a picture of the back of it but I️ was in Mommy-party mode (if you're a mom and have thrown a party for your kiddos you know what I️ mean) and completely forgot. On the back was an image of a "first down" marker! It's the LITTLE details for me, okay?!?! 😆 And last but certainly not least, that highchair banner though!!! Yes, with the help of my cousin who printed the "1" and "football" for me... I️ made that banner!! I went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart, found the different fabrics that I️ liked, found the pendant and made the banner! EASY was not even the word for this! There are several videos on YouTube that literally explain how to do it! (What isn't on YouTube these days?) Side note: I️ actually almost bought one but then I️ remembered for my daughter's first birthday I️ bought one for $35 + shipping 🥴 and while it was the most adorable banner- I️ will probably never use it again. I️ spent a fraction of that just making his myself and it still came out pretty darn cute to me! I️ still remember the day of my daughter's first birthday party and my Mother-In-Law asked me if I️ had made Lyv's (my daughter) banner. I️ told her I️ didn't but probably could have so I️ put myself up to the challenge this time!



If you've read my party blogs then you KNOW I'm all about some sort of entertainment! Nothing worse than going to a party and feeling awkward because there is nothing to do! This was a party for a ONE year old, which meant there were kids! They are who I️ wanted to keep entertained! We opted to host Leo's party at a local indoor playground, Space Cadets.

The kids ran allll over that place and had a good time! They had options for almost all ages! I️ especially loved the options for babies and toddlers! Check out their website to see everything they offer! My littles had a blast though! Look at Leo pushing the little grocery cart around and riding on one of the cars! He was too cute with his little tongue stuck out! He has been smiling like that for a while! LOL! It's the cutest though!



I️ mean, c'mon- what's a football party without pizza and wings, right? Yep, that did it for us! I️ thought about having meatballs and chicken salad too but listen, simple was screaming my name so I️ left it at that! Pizza, wings, chips and dessert did the trick for us! We had very little food left over which is always the goal for me! I️ know I️ can't be the only one who hates to have a ton of leftovers after an event. LOL!

And finally, those beautiful desserts below (cake and cookies) which also tasted AMAZING were done by Allison at Vanilla Bean Bake Shoppe! The cookies were gone in the blink of an eye and the cake didn't stand a chance once it was cut! I️ always love when someone can bring the whole vision together with the desert options too and let's just say Allison "understood the assignment" as always! LOL!

If you want to see what type of services I️ offer and how I️ can help you at your next event look below my signature!

As always, remember to live life, show love, extend grace and create memories!


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