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TWO wild Party with a Pink Twist!

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Alyvia turned TWO (wow, time really doesn't wait) and we celebrated in true style! Since, she is not at the age that she can pick out her own party theme, this Momma got the chance to go all out with a theme that included something that I️ love so much! Yep, you guessed it: Leopard Print! I️ wish we were able to get a better picture of her in this cute little leopard romper, but as you can see her hanging onto the pool, she was ready for the water! We switched her into a cute leopard print swimsuit that she ended up wearing for the remainder of the party. (Shout out to my cousin "Lay", who found this suit literally THE DAY of her party because the original swimsuit that I ordered her was a complete FLOP! LOL!) This party was different though, it wasn't your typical "two wild"party theme colors, we incorporated different pink and gold elements, which in my opinion, made it really girly and I️ am alllllll for it! Enjoy the little details that I️ am sharing below!



The pink & gold leopard print plates are what really set it off!These pictures don't even do them justice. As soon as I️ saw them, I️ was sold. Oh, and they were on SALE for less than $3/pack! YES, please! Another plus, the packs were a 15-count, which is pretty good for decorative plates. Normally, they are sold in an 8-count. I️ paired the plates with these adorable solid gold cups, which were a perfect pair. It was simple but still classy to say the least. Sidenote- I️ really hope Alyvia likes the color pink when she is a little older and can tell me what she actually likes, if not, she might look back at this party in complete disappointment! LOL! I️ guess we'll just have to see when that day comes!

We decided on a greenery backdrop and draped it with artificial flowers.The artificial rose garlands we used were so beautiful in person. They added the perfect pop of pink to our theme. We also went with a pack of white artificial wisteria vines. I️ mean, can we say, timeless? They added the perfect touch of sass! We lined the sides of the backdrop with different shades of pink balloons, which were sold in a 116 pc pink & gold balloon garland kit. Since the pack came with 116 pieces we were able to use some of the balloons in other areas through out the party. Last, in order to bring in the "safari" part of the theme we incorporated faux safari leaves and green vines! Other balloons purchased and used throughout were: safari animal balloons and animal print latex balloons.



Let's face it, while we, the parents, LOVE to pull together a beautiful themed birthday party, the thing that the kids really care about is if it was FUN... or not! So, entertainment for a kids party is pretty high on the list of things to provide, IMO. I've seen all the beautiful parties with entertainment that still incorporates the theme of the party and it is SOOO cute, but unfortunately, in our area we don't necessarily have that. So, we still did entertainment for the kids but the colors did not match the party theme as my Type A personality would have hoped for LOL! We chose to rent a bounce house from Nulook Bounce-N-Party and we had several swimming pool options for the kids, including kiddie pools for the littles! The kids LOVED it all! It was so nice seeing them run from area to area, having a good time. I️ remember days like that growing up. BTW, I'm almost certain, the only person who paid attention to the fact that the colors didn't match was probably ME! The kids couldn't careless! LOL! They ran back and forth all day! I'm sure this was the case for most but I️ can guarantee it was the case for my two: THEY SLEPT GOOD! By their bath time that night, they were SO tired! LOL!



For Lyv's first birthday party in 2020 we did hotdogs, hamburgers, chips, mac & cheese, baked beans and desserts. At first that all sounded simple to me, lol and it was in its own way but this year we decided to go EVEN more simple. For the food, we ordered pizza, bought a huge variety box of chips, made lemonade, had bottles of water and called it a PARTY, ok?! Talk about SIMPLE, that was it! Lol! Since I️ couldn't get party entertainment that matched my theme, I️ was DETERMINED to get themed deserts for this party! My vision for the cake and cookies were done SO well and they tasted YUMMY too! The cake and cookies were made by Vanilla Bean Bake Shoppe. The cupcakes were by family friends, The Martinez family! It all came together so beautifully and they tasted great!

This was probably my favorite party (that I've planned) to date. Everyone had a great time and the decor came out exactly as I️ envisioned. Now, on to my next project: putting the final touches on my son's FIRST birthday in September! (Cue the tears!!) Stay tuned for that! In the meantime, in between time, thank you for taking the time to read this post. If there are any questions I️ can answer for you, please do not hesitate to reach out. Remember to live life, show love, extend grace and create memories!


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1 Comment

April Kelly
April Kelly
Jul 31, 2021

I love everything about this blog! Thank you for sharing such a special family moment with us. Your attention to detail is IMPECCABLE and your ideas… man! All I can say is, you did that sis! Beautiful blog from a beautiful mom!

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