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It's Me! I'm her, she's me! My name is actually Marquita Paulk (Lashea, is my middle name) but my family and friends call me Kita! I️ am 29 years old and Jesus is my JAM, literally, he is who holds me together! I️ love to sing, particularly worship music, and to write (If you haven't noticed I️ have a blog as part of my site! :)) I️ love to travel, put me on a plane right now :) and try new things! In fact, my family has a rule that on every trip, we HAVE to try something new and new EXPERIENCES is number 1 on that list! I'm almost certain that leopard print is a part of my DNA makeup because anything that is cute, leopard print and I️ deem useful: I️  WILL BUY, ok?! I️ love to make spaces feel new (aka Decor) and my family is my world!  My favorite thing to do is to make lasting memories with the ones I️ love and simply enjoy life, because let's face it, you only get one life to live! So, LIVE!

I️ am married to the one and only, Leonard Paulk, III. We have been married for 5 amazing years. Can I️ still claim the honeymoon phase? I️ mean, I️ am still as madly in love with him now as I️ was during our dating phase, if not more! Together we have 2 little ones! A two year old little Mama, Alyvia and one year old little Man, Leonard, IV (yep, he's a fourth)! They. Are. My. World. They are the reason I️ continue to pursue my God-given purpose everyday. They are the reason I️ have decided to take leaps of faith to pursue the dreams that God has placed in me! 

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THE MARQUI️TA LASHEA was founded out of a pure passion to help women! My goals, ambitions and inspirations have come together to help make life easier for the busy mom and wife! I️ am committed to helping you celebrate moments (aka planning bomb PARTIES), and providing inspiration as it relates to FAITH, MOTHERHOOD, MARRIAGE, TRAVEL and DECOR. It's all HERE! 

My passion for planning parties developed out of simply doing so! From planning baby showers, birthday parties, special events, you name it. It's fun but requires a lot of behind-the-scenes research. Let me do the research and planning for you, so you can reclaim your time and enjoy! I️ aim to go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied and will work with us again. Click the buttons below to learn more about what services are offered, or to read the latest blog post and please feel free to get in touch with any questions.

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